De Rotterdamse gastheeren

As part of my bachelor's degree we had to work for a client in a project group of five. Our group got assigned the city of Rotterdam as our client, this was based on our audiovisual skills and a presentation. The city of Rotterdam wanted a documentary on the hospitality of the taxi chauffeurs in the city of Rotterdam. 

We had three months to film and editing the documentary. It was very important that we not only filmed during the day but also at night. We started out with no knowledge about the taxi branch but while filming we learned a lot. We got guidance from someone who has worked in the taxi industry his whole life and is current is a board member of taxi central St. Job. It was a very interesting experience.

The city of Rotterdam held a premiere for the documentary & later released it on YouTube. They currently use parts of the documentary in their training for the taxi chauffeurs.

Tasks: research, planning, cameraman, production leader, concept creating & editing of the trailer.

portfolioJulia Bowtie