About Julia

Hi, I'm Julia & I don't feel the need to introduce myself in the third person like most bloggers do. Let's be honest, we all know I run this website by myself. 

I created this website to both host my blog, formally known as JuliasFashionMinute.com, and my portfolio side by side. 

I'm 25 and I life with my cat in a student house with two other, male, housemates. I'm currently studying Creative businesses and planning on pursuing a career in the TV or film industry when I graduate. 

Before studying Creative businesses, I got certified as Make-Up Artist. I followed a half year course at Beauty Partner Rotterdam. I also studied Applied Physics in Delft for two years. 

My interests vary a lot which I use as my strength. What I learn while pursuing one hobby I take into my next hobby. Now that I changed my website name, I hope I can share more variety of my interests with you. From shopping to photography to lifestyle. I'm planning on doing it all. So hit that subscribe button, so you won't miss any of it!