PORTRET: Voorridder van Bomenridders Pim Janse

I enrolled in the TV & AV minor as part of my bachelor's degree. As part of this minor we worked on several audiovisual projects for the city of Rotterdam. One of them is a portrait of the Bomenridders. The Bomenridders is a dutch organisation that are involved with nature. They mainly fight for the preservation of the trees and other greenery. 

I found the organisation while doing research into the issues with a park in Rotterdam south. They were closely involved but not that well known as organisation in the city of Rotterdam. I felt passionate about this subject and wanted to give them a platform to talk about the issues. 

In this video Pim, the chairman of the Bomenridders, explains how they were involved with the preservation of a park in Rotterdam south. 

Both the city of Rotterdam as the Bomenridders were very pleased with the work I did.

This video is published by the city of Rotterdam. 

Tasks: coming up with the concept, getting in touch with the organisation, research, interviewing, filming & editing.