Promotional videos D.S.V. Sint Jansbrug

D.S.V. Sint Jansbrug is my student association.

In 2016 I made a promotional video for them and they loved it so much that they decided to ask me back to make more. This year they wanted several shorter, 10 second, videos and a few longer videos, around 1 minute, because they wanted to focus on the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. We worked with a film and edit crew of 7 people. And eventually produced 7 short videos and 4 long videos.

The short videos had a reach of approximately 1K views a video on Facebook and 200 views on Instagram. 

I mainly focused on communication and leading the project. I ended up editing one video 'ZeeZeilRace', as soon below.  I did help out on several filming days.

Tasks: project management,  production leader, communication, making the camera script and schedules, filming, directing & editing.