Revolution Beauty Halloween party


Dear readers,

almost one and a half week ago I visited London, like I do every half year. I had the honour to attended my sixth Make up Revolution party in a row. I feel very blessed for this opportunity.

The end of October meant that it was time for one of their epic Halloween parties. This time they announced that it was held in the Natural History Museum. When I received the invitation I didn't know what to expect. At one point I assumed it would be in a small room in the back of this legendary museum. Spoiler alert: it was not!

Natural History Museum

The theme for the party was ‘Alice in Wonderland’. So, imagine walking into this huge and gorgeous building. Not knowing what they planned this time. After you brought your coat to the wardrobe you see a giant keyhole. Party lights are flashing from it along with the music. Curious to see what's inside you walk towards it. Looking through you see something you wouldn't even have imagined in your wildest dreams.

Natural History Museum Halloween

This gigantic room is filled with everything Alice in Wonderland and so much more. People are partying between the dinosaurs. Make-up, good food and cocktails are everywhere. Everyone is in a costume one cooler than the other.

And you're all alone because your friend arrive later than you, haha. I felt so awkward not knowing anyone but recognizing some people I admired on Instagram.

I got to meet so two of the people I admire on Instagram: Keziah and Carmi.

Keziah aka @Artbeautychaos

Keziah aka @Artbeautychaos

With Carmi aka @Carmimua & my friend Bobbie ( @BobbieGordon )

With Carmi aka @Carmimua & my friend Bobbie ( @BobbieGordon )

I had a blast at this party with my friend Bobbie, who I met at earlier parties. We laughed, drank so many cocktails, danced and tried some of the food. Before we knew it, it was time to go. I, actually, like these parties the most because I get to see some of my friend, like Bobbie, who I otherwise wouldn't see.


As for my costume, I decided to go as female Rick from Rick and Morty. I didn't really feel the Alice in wonderland theme and I also felt that most people would go dressed up as Alice, the mad hatter or the queen. Nothing wrong with that but I wanted to do something that marches more to the sound of my own drum. So, I decided to go dressed up as Rick.


At the end of the amazing party we, of course, got an amazing goodie bag. I was soo happy! It came in one of these amazing Revolution tote bags. Inside I found two palettes; the Revolution Pro Regeneration palette in Astrological & the Obsession Love every shade palette. I also got the Revolution Jewel collection Jelly Highlighter in Prestigious, Revolution Mascara Revolution & I Heart Revolution Rainbow paste in Deep sea green. This is the most filled goodie bag they ever gave me at all of the parties I have attended.

I hope you liked ready about my adventure at the Revolution Halloween party!

xx Julia